Fish Hawk Accessories

35" Extra-Heavy Action Trolling Rod


When not using a downrigger to deploy the Fish Hawk Probe, this 35-inch, solid-fiberglass, extra-heavy action rod handles the weight of the probe, plus a 1 lb. ball weight. It accommodates a line-counter reel (not included) and is meant to be placed in a...

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Breakaway Cannon Ball Lead


Breakaway Cannon Ball Lead The breakaway lead is designed to go between your cannon ball and your Fish Hawk Probe. Most rigger cables are 150lb, this lead pulls apart approximately 70lb – meaning that if you snag on the bottom (oops!) the lead...

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X4 LCD Foul Weather Cover


X4 LCD Foul Weather Cover X4 LCD foul weather cover. Added protection for your X4 display from nasty weather and slimey hands. See through cover lets you view the display and operate the buttons.

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X4 Probe Case


X4 Probe Case We recommend removing your X4 Probe from the downrigger cable when not it use. Protect your Fish Hawk X4 Probe with this closed-cell, zippered case.

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