Fish Hawk Replacement Parts

Breakaway Cannon Ball Lead


Breakaway Cannon Ball Lead The breakaway lead is designed to go between your cannon ball and your Fish Hawk Probe. Most rigger cables are 150lb, this lead pulls apart approximately 70lb – meaning that if you snag on the bottom (oops!) the lead...

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Fish Hawk X4/X4D O-Rings


Fish Hawk X4/X4D Probe O-Rings Replacement set of O-Rings for your Fish Hawk X4 or X4D probe. The set consists of two gauges of rings.The thicker ring fits inside the cap groove, while the thinner ring fits around the groove located on the probe...

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Stainless Steel Transducer Bracket


Stainless Steel Transducer Bracket This standard two-sided bracket is used with current Fish Hawk X4 Transducers manufactured by Radarsonics. Mounting hardware included. Packaged with the FH-X4, FH-X4D and FH-TRD items.

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Transducer Bracket for Airmar


Transducer Bracket   For use with Airmar brand transducers used with Fish Hawk 840s. This impact release bracket mounts the transducer on the transom, the breakaway design protects your valuable transducer if you hit an object in the water. PLEASE...

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Transducer for X4, X4D or 840 Systems


Transducer for X4, X4D or 840 Systems The transducer is the “ears”  of the Fish Hawk System that mounts on the back of the boat that picks up the signal being sent from the probe below. It also gives you surface speed and temp...

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